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Amazon’s Alexa completes 5 years in India, introduces new male voice

Amazon’s virtual assistant, Alexa, has completed five years in India and to mark the occasion, Amazon has introduced a new male voice option for Alexa’s responses. Indian users can now switch between the original female voice and a new male voice. In addition, Alexa can now speak in both Hindi and English.

Dilip R S, Amazon’s country manager for Alexa, stated that the company’s goal over the past five years has been to build Alexa from India and for India, and he believes that their journey is synonymous with the evolution of ambient computing in the country. Looking ahead, the company remains focused on bringing new voice, touch, motion, and vision-enabled experiences for entertainment consumption, task completion, and information access.

Changing the voice in Alexa is easy. By saying “Alexa, change your voice” on the Echo device, users can change Alexa’s voice. Alternatively, they can go to Alexa’s individual device settings in the Alexa app and choose the voice they prefer.

Alexa has gained tremendous popularity in India in a short period. Last year, the company revealed that music requests to Alexa increased by 53% as customers streamed their favourite songs through different platforms such as Amazon Prime Music, Spotify, Jio Savan, and Apple Music. As people seek more comfort, the request to control home appliances has also increased significantly.

The company also stated that users’ love for interacting with Alexa is evident in their questions, such as “Alexa, how are you?” (31,680 times/day) and “Alexa, I love you” (21,600 times/day).


Q1:How do I change the voice in Alexa?

Alexa’s voice can be changed by saying “Alexa, change your voice” on the Echo device or by changing the individual device settings in the Alexa app.

Q2: What other languages can Alexa speak besides English and Hindi?
Currently, Alexa can speak in multiple languages, including Spanish, French, Italian, German, Portuguese, Japanese, and more.


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