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Is Microsoft Shutting Down Its Virtual Reality Platform AltspaceVR? Here’s The Truth

On March 10, 2023, Microsoft intends to shut down Altspace VR, a social virtual reality (VR) platform. Just days after announcing 10,000 job cutbacks worldwide as part of the reorganisation process, the titan of Silicon Valley disclosed the news in a blog post. A more open, accessible, and safe form of immersive experiences in the metaverse is now the company’s even larger ambition, according to the blog post.

“As we look to the future, we see the possibilities for VR spreading beyond consumer into an enterprise,” it says. We hope to create a platform with Mesh that provides the most opportunities for everyone engaged, including creators, partners, and customers.

Reportedly, one of the earliest social networking applications for virtual reality was AltspaceVR, which enables users of the headsets and online platforms to join 3D chat rooms to play games, view films, and attend events. Microsoft purchased the business in 2017 when it was on the point of failure owing to financial issues as part of its ambitions to create its own mixed-reality ecosystem. Users may now retrieve their data and content from the VR platform, according to Microsoft, who announced AltspaceVR’s closure. With its Mesh platform, a tool for creating augmented reality apps for collaboration, Microsoft is still in the metaverse race.

However, the corporation has recently reduced its plans for the metaverse. Microsoft recently announced that it will reduce its global staff by 5%, resulting in about 10,000 layoffs. The layoffs include Microsoft’s AR and VR divisions as well; according to Windows Central, the whole AltspaceVR team appears to have been fired.

The team behind the ‘Mixed Reality Tool Kit,’ or MRTK, a well-known cross-platform foundation for virtual reality spaces, has apparently been fired by Microsoft. The division responsible for the HoloLens headgear has had a lot of difficulties lately, particularly after Alex Kimpan, who oversaw the development of Microsoft’s mixed-reality headset and Kinect, left the company.


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