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The second Metaverse Fashion is happening in March

For some strange reason, the Metaverse is still a thing despite its early-PS2 graphics, and the second Metaverse fashion week is set for March of 2023.

The fashion and luxury industries persist in their aim to make the metaverse an integral part of their universe and future. While the craze for these new virtual worlds has faded, these two sectors seem determined to take advantage of their infinite possibilities. As such, a second Metaverse Fashion Week will officially be held on Decentraland in spring 2023.

It’s back. One year after a first experiment — with mixed results — Metaverse Fashion Week is set to return for a second edition on Decentraland. And it’s once again Decentraland that will have the honour of hosting some of the biggest fashion houses in one of its parallel worlds. The event will take place after the real-world Fashion Weeks, spanning the globe from New York to Paris in February and March, and is scheduled for March 28-31, 2023.

It will even host Miami Fashion Week, the first fashion week recognised by the esteemed Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) to participate in the event, reflecting the growing interest of the fashion and luxury industries in virtual worlds.

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