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Mobile Gaming Trend

Mobile gaming is becoming a large industry, even bigger than console and pc gaming. As smartphones become universal, there is no sign of mobile game slowing down anytime soon.  

Mobile has the ability that used to kill few minutes at a time through games, but now players have access to a massive variety of games on their mobile devices. Multiplayer games like Fortnite and solo-time killer games like candy crush saga are both widely popular.  

The previous year has witnessed the transformation of multiplayer games into a rage with esports becoming an incredible phenomenon and the rapid popularity of games like PUBG.    

Gaming trend of 2022 that will define the gaming ecosystem is Cross Platform Gaming.  

But what exactly the cross-platform gaming?

To sum up, cross play refers to any online multiplayer games that lets you play with anyone no matter which console or device they are using. Soaring costs and lack of technology were the primary reasons games could not be played across platforms.

But in 2022, gamers have seen the light at the end of the tunnel with developers experimenting with game codes to make cross-platform gaming a reality.  

Another trend of gaming is the puzzle game, the latest mobile game market trend, which has been adopted by all top match 3 puzzle games is adding different meta layers to the core gameplay.
We see this in games like Homescapes, Gardenscapes and even new successful games like project makeover.

Additionally, there are many profits from playing multiplayer games. It keeps gamers engaged through social interaction and a sense of achievement through other players. 

The same way, also welcome many such games where people will be interested in playing competitive multiplayer games, solo time killing games and puzzle game such as Dodgeball, Ludo, Tambola, Funny Soccer, alien attack and more. 

 By Apurv Abhay Modi

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