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India’s First Fully Automated Virtual Reality (VR) Lab Launched In Puducherry

A fully automated Virtual Reality (VR) lab, a first-of-its-kind lab in India, has been launched in the Puducherry Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS). MediSim VR, the company which has set up the lab, believed that it will help enhance key medical skills of the MBBS students and the performance of new-age doctors.

The company had recently closed a pre series A round of funding for the project. It also received funds from IIT Madras & Dept. of science & Technology (DST) for R&D.

Dr. Adith Chinnaswami, Co-Founder, MediSim VR, highlighted that the urgent need to equip Indian doctors or medical fraternity with “the next evolution in technology in their area of learning and development.”

Talking about the new VR lab, he said the product will benefit students in the pre-final and final years of MBBS degree.

VR technology transforming the Indian medical industry

Dr. Chinnaswami noted that VR technology has a lot of potential in terms of changing perceptions about traditional and manual approaches.

“Applying VR in therapy, vocational counselling, phobia management, and pain management can also do wonders in the near future,” he added.

As the Indian Medical Industry becomes more aware about the advantages of the virtual reality, the use of VR and AR technology has increased among doctors, surgeons, medical practitioners, drug makers and hospitals.

Backed by AI-powered technical advancement like digital diagnosis, wearable health monitors and digital simulations, the medical field is expected to undergo radical transformation in the coming years, the company stated.

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