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Air India gets Workplace from Meta to digitise office working

Tata-owned Air India has given a full thrust to digitising Air India- the erstwhile state-owned airline, the group acquired early this year.

Air India has brought in Workplace from Meta- an online business communication platform to connect its 11,000 old strong work force under the same platform.This is the first time the airline has digitised office communication for its staff.

his newly launched platform will enable better and active engagement with its diverse group of employees ranging from pilots and cabin crew, engineers, commercial specialists, information technologists, ground handling specialists, and others across the globe.

Satya Ramaswamy, Chief Digital and Technology Officer, Air India said that the airline is reimagining employee experience in a way that will attract, retain and encourage top-notch talent. “Such a transformation of our iconic airline requires constant communication and collaboration among our diverse employee base that contributes to organisational alignment in support of our transformation agenda. We also need to be able to reach and serve our key frontline staff such as our pilots and cabin crew who don’t often get to come into our physical offices,” he said.

Tatas have started the process of modernising the airline which under government-ownership was hamstrung for budget. The new owners are working on a fleet modernisation plan, installing a new passenger reservation system, upgrading HR practices and hiring new talent from the industry to improve the functioning of the airline.

“We believe Workplace can play an important role in delivering a connected experience to support Air India’s workforce of the future. We look forward to partnering on the continuing journey to build the very best employee experience for Air India’s teams around the world,’’ said Ajit Mohan, VP and Managing Director, Meta India.


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