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Gamification has become most effective engagement tool 

Everyday gamification reveals its breathtaking possibilities. Over the last few years, the term “gamification” has been attracting a lot of interest in the business world. As a result, we see a huge amount of large companies rapidly introducing gamification technologies into many of their business processes.

Above all let’s have a discussion on what is gamification:

To put it in simple terms, the concept of gamification is about using gaming techniques in business contexts in order to enhance productivity and engagement. It is used as a goal alignment tool aimed at aligning users’ and employers’ business goals and objectives. 

Now Is gamification surely effective? 

Humans have been playing games since longer time, From the ancient game senet to current game like call of duty people have played games throughout history and we are wired to play games. From the time we are little we learn through “playing pretend” acting out imaginative scenarios that are instructive for development and socialization.

As adults, games still have the power to transform tedious tasks into engaging, pleasurable activities. Gamification is so effective in e-learning (for children and adults) because the learner forgets they are “working” and instead feels they are “playing.” 

Gamification promises to increase engagement with online programs Results of this systematic review indicate that gamification positively impacts engagement and downstream practices (e.g. health practices and academic performance),It drives employees on a day to day basis, giving them direct objectives that are rewarded once completed. creates competition between themselves on a positive perspective. It’s always the team win, highlighting those who performed better. It generates intrinsic motivation continuously. 

Trough game elements and designs, the workplace becomes an interactive place where real objectives lead to tangible rewards. Where you can track your progress live and see your workflow. 

Work becomes a game, where the achievements are real, and the rewards are too.

By Apurv Abhay Modi

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