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ZEE conducts its first-ever metaverse induction program for tech talent

Zee Entertainment Enterprises Ltd. (ZEEL) has conducted its first-ever induction in a metaverse environment by welcoming over a hundred campus graduates from tech institutes across the nation; at its technology and innovation centre in Bengaluru.

The company’s technology and innovation centre is focused on building the metaverse platform by leveraging Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), non-fungible Tokens (NFTs), and relevant data models for its digital platforms.

“At ZEE’s technology and innovation centre, we are imbibing a sharp strategic focus on enhancing our tech capabilities through a confluence of technology, data, and talent. The first-ever metaverse induction program at ZEE, will not only help enhance our employee experience by boosting innovation and productivity but also our consumer experience by several notches,” Amit Goenka, president, digital businesses and platforms, ZEE,  said.

The initiative was led by Amit Goenka, president, digital businesses and platforms, ZEE, and Nitin Mittal, president, technology and data, ZEE. The metaverse induction was conducted by leveraging the technology and innovation centre’s state-of-the-art infrastructure and cutting-edge technology solutions: thereby offering an immersive mixed reality experience to the fresh recruits, the company said.

“Our focus now remains on building capability for ZEE by leveraging technology to provide our consumers with extraordinary entertainment experiences. Our quest is to shape the next chapter of India’s media and entertainment industry and the metaverse induction program is yet another major step in that direction. Inducting, nurturing, and retaining the right talent is key to any organization’s success and we are committed to giving a world-class experience to our tech enthusiasts right from day one,” Nitin Mittal, president, technology and data, ZEE said.

“As digital transformation continues to accelerate globally, the technology and innovation centre at ZEE will play the lead role in driving the next era of innovation in content consumption. ‘ZEEverse’, is another major stride in a string of initiatives launched by the company in recent times towards our internal digital transformation that will enable the organization to become future-ready and win in the emerging digitalized economy,” Animesh Kumar, president, HR, and transformation, ZEE, said.

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