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No more Facebook logins, your entry into the Metaverse will be with Meta accounts

As Mark Zuckerberg put it, Meta accounts that can be used for VR headsets will give people more choice about how they want to show up in the Metaverse. So, for all practical purposes, get ready to say goodbye to Facebook logins.

Even though Facebook changed its name to Meta, Facebook and its login credentials have remained at the center of the Meta suite of software for all users as they come on board to engage with the ecosystem. But that is changing, gradually. Meta is taking some small steps to ensure that its next lot of users aren’t tied down by the Facebook network. For Meta, as TechCrunch points out, Facebook is a “network that may still pay the bills but isn’t where the company sees its reinvention”.

As Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced on Facebook and Mark Rabkin, VP leading VR at Meta, announced on Twitter, the company is introducing a new type of login called a Meta account. This Meta account can be used by users to log in on Meta platforms that previously required users to log in with their Facebook credentials.

Meta accounts will be launched next month and once launched, users will be able to use their Meta accounts to sign up for and log into the Quest hardware. This functionality will come to other Meta devices in the future, the company said.

“You won’t need a Facebook account to log into Quest starting next month. We’re rolling out new Meta accounts that you can use with our VR headsets instead. This will give everyone more choice about how you show up in the metaverse,” Zuckerberg posted on Facebook.

Users can choose to link their Meta account to Facebook and Instagram if they wish to, but unlike how it works with Facebook and Instagram, one user will be allowed to have multiple Meta accounts.

This addresses the issue that some VR users flagged about not wanting to use a private social media profile login cred to play video games. And often, the separate platforms mean separate friend lists and many users do not want to combine the two.

The company has said that by the beginning of next year, Meta accounts will become the standard login for VR users. Once the new system rolls in, VR users will be prompted to sign up for a Meta account and create a Meta Horizon Profile that will replace their Oculus account. This will act as the home base for all things like the user’s avatar and username, which will be used across the Quest ecosystem. Meta is also moving from the ‘Friends’ to ‘Followers’ model with the Horizon profile and the Meta account for minors between the ages of 13 to 17 will be private by default.

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