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KRAFTON goes big on metaverse plans; announces virtual human production tech

KRAFTON, the publisher of the popular online battle royale game – Players Unknown Battlegrounds (PUBG) and makers of Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI), has introduced a demo video of virtual humans created on hyper-realism technology as part of its plans to develop interactive content and metaverse.

The demo video has been developed on the basis of Unreal Engine – an artificial intelligence and 3D-based hyper-realism technology, as per the KRAFTON release. KRAFTON’s virtual human producing technology produces motion-capture-based movements, pupil movements by rigging technique, colorful facial expressions and other features. These virtual humans will be utilised across various areas like game characters, esports, virtual influencers and singers.

Besides this, research and development will also continue on technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), text-to-speech, speech-to-text and voice-to-face to convert virtual humans into characters capable of interactive communication.

Virtual humans are not the only area where KRAFTON has used the hyper-realism technology. A PUBG: Battlegrounds cinematic video has also been produced using hyper-realism technology. This clip shows the blurring lines between the real and virtual worlds, using the indigenous Unreal Engine, to provide a unique experience for esports players.

“We are geared up for realising an interactive virtual world (metaverse) in stages and will continue to introduce more advanced versions of virtual humans and content based on the belief in the infinite scalability of such technologies,” KRAFTON’s creative director Shin Seok-jin said.

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