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FiEx to launch India’s first NFT marketplace with AR integration

FiEx, a Singapore-based digital asset and Web3 exchange, has announced the opening of India’s first NFT marketplace with augmented reality (AR) integration and a new-age digital asset exchange.

The site, which is set to launch in June, will allow users to find, mint, acquire, and promote their NFTs, as well as bring the NFTs to life using AR technology.

Just said, FiEx, which was created in 2021, will enable customers to conduct digital asset trades, convert crypto to fiat money, or simply purchase NFTs in an easy and convenient manner.

FiEx seeks to provide a safe and secure platform for digital asset transactions in India, where digital assets are only beginning to capture the interest of the general public.

“We are pleased to announce that FiEx has joined forces with us to co-create an open source culture-driven web3.0 ecosystem and solutions for Indian audiences and enterprises. Meta transformation is here; what digital transformation was to Web 2.0, meta transformation is to Web 3.0 “Tushar Gandotra, FiEx co-founder, said

In a similar vein, Rajesh Kumar, co-founder, stated: “We are launching the world’s first AR-based NFT marketplace and a new generation digital asset exchange at FiEx. FiEx Studioz and FiEx Labs, on the other hand, are here to assist artists and companies in understanding how to use this new economic disruptor technology into their lives and traditional operations.”

Surprisingly, the combination of an NFT marketplace with AR technology has put FiEx in direct rivalry with industry leaders like as Binance and WazirX, among others.

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