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Qube Cinema and Annapurna Studios have announced the opening of a full-service virtual production stage in Hyderabad

Qube Cinema and Annapurna Studios have announced the opening of a full-service virtual production stage in Hyderabad. The cutting-edge facility will enable filmmakers and content producers to fulfil their dreams, bringing to life tales that will engage, entertain, and educate people all over the world.

With the need for fresh content at an all-time high, producers all over the world are eager to use cutting-edge technology to help them tell their tales. They can accomplish this because to virtual production, which allows them to produce stories regardless of location, space, or funding. Annapurna Studios and Qube Cinema announced today that they will collaborate to build India’s first full-service LED virtual production stage for domestic and international content makers. This groundbreaking partnership between two of India’s most well-known companies in the media industry seeks to provide artists the tools they need to create the greatest versions of their tales for feature films, streaming episodics, and advertisements.

The purpose-built virtual production stage, which has a curved 2.3 mm dot-pitch, ultra-high refresh rate, broad colour gamut, and high brightness LED screen, will be India’s first world-class permanent facility. To produce complex photorealistic virtual settings in real-time, the setup will combine top-of-the-line AOTO LED displays, cutting-edge camera tracking, and powerful, custom-built rendering systems powered by Unreal Engine.

This will allow filmmakers to considerably broaden their palette while saving money and time by allowing the creative team to see close-to-final images on camera, in real-time on the live-action set.

The company’s willingness and ability to identify and adopt technology that had the potential to greatly improve their own feature and advertising production and post-production workflows contributed to Qube’s success in transforming the media industry in India multiple times over the last three decades. With virtual production — the next evolutionary step in content production — Annapurna and Qube will use this knowledge to rethink the production process for today’s fast-paced and demanding entertainment industry.

“Whoever designs the future owns it! We must learn to move when confronted with upheavals and innovations. Virtual production allows the creative mind to dream and then produce whatever it wants. We’re excited to work with Qube, a company known for delivering cutting-edge technology to the entertainment sector. This is a fantastic relationship because of our strength and experience in creating movies and running studios, as well as Qube’s technological expertise “Annapurna Studios’ Nagarjuna Akkineni said.

“At Qube, we’ve always been at the forefront of movie technology, combining our passion for film with our determination to push the boundaries of technology for the benefit of content producers and consumers,” said Senthil Kumar, Qube Cinema’s co-founder. “We’ve discovered a partner in Annapurna Studios that brings decades of expertise, a genuine passion for film, and many similar ideals to the table. We’re ecstatic to be collaborating on virtual production with them. Our mission is to bring every narrative to life, to engage, entertain, and educate the globe. This alliance brings us closer to achieving that goal.”

The stage is scheduled to begin setup and testing in early June, with commercial projects beginning on October 1, 2022.

Annapurna Studios is a production company based in Nepal.

Annapurna Studios ( is a media and entertainment corporation that is completely integrated.

Sri Akkineni Nageswara Rao, a Padma Vibhushan and Dada Saheb Phalke awardee and a pioneer in the Telugu Film Industry, founded the studio in 1976. It offers facilities for the production of feature films, TV and digital shows, special events, advertising commercials, music videos, and more.

The 22-acre studio, located in the heart of Hyderabad, is a one-of-a-kind one-stop film production facility.

A filmmaker may bring a script to Annapurna Studios and leave with a finished picture. Annapurna Studios’ film production arm has produced and financed over 50 feature films under the Annapurna banner, while its television series air on primetime Telugu channels such as Zee TV and Star MAA. Annapurna Studios has been in the entertainment industry for over 70 years, participating in production, services, and distribution. Annapurna has grown into the digital sector, offering content for various main platforms, thanks to the advent of streaming services.

For the film and media sector, Annapurna’s service offerings and facilities are unrivalled.

Annapurna Studios provides first-class infrastructure for the film and media industries, including 11 shooting floors and location facilities, as well as state-of-the-art TPN-certified and Dolby approved post-production facilities. Data storage, video editing, audio dubbing, 4K colour grading, visual effects, and world-class Dolby Atmos sound mixing and mastering are among the services available.

The Annapurna company also supports the Annapurna College of Film & Media, India’s first non-profit film school, which provides government-accredited bachelor’s, master’s, and MBA programmes in film and media-related fields.

Qube Cinema’s Background

Qube Cinema ( is a pioneer in digital cinema technology and solutions from start to finish.

Qube delivers a seamless digital environment across the industry, from filmmakers and post-production facilities to exhibitors and spectators, based on decades of expertise in the film industry.

Every step of the filming and presentation process uses Qube’s products.

Qube Cinema’s range of solutions are powerful, adaptable, dependable, and cost-effective, and include Qube Wire, a worldwide content distribution service; Qube XP, fourth-generation DCI compatible digital cinema servers; and Qube XP, fourth-generation DCI compliant digital cinema servers. QubeMaster is a software suite for digital cinema mastering. Slydes, a system that automatically creates just-in-time Digital Cinema Packages; Cheers, a web service for movie audiences that offers personalised greetings cards on the big screen; Justickets, a cloud-based SaaS ticketing solution; and Moviebuff, a website and mobile apps for accurate movie information With thousands of installations in 135 countries throughout the world, the Qube product range has a strong worldwide presence.

Qube’s service offerings are always changing to meet the demands of the worldwide film industry.

Qube operates over 4,000 digital cinema screens across India, masters over 1,800 films each year across six locations in India, designs and delivers the most cost-effective Premium Large Format screens under the EPIQ brand, and operates the Qube Cinema Network, a patented advertising network that combines central control of advertising with local control of movie selection (QCN).

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