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twofour54 launches the first Virtual Production Solutions in the Middle East.

Abu Dhabi – Twofour54, the Abu Dhabi-based media, entertainment, and gaming centre, has announced that it is extending its world-class production facilities with virtual solutions pioneered by the company. The new product, which was launched in collaboration with Canadian media company Ross Video, comprises Virtual Studios, Virtual Production services, and Extended Reality capabilities. It is the first facility of its sort in the Middle East, using cutting-edge 3D graphics and augmented reality (AR) capabilities.

Twofour54’s Virtual Solutions provide a full solution for film, TV, and commercial makers, broadcasters, event organisers, and gaming firms, using state-of-the-art cameras, virtual displays, floating AR elements, and configurable virtual sets. Three of Ross Video’s Voyager graphics systems, which are based on the market-leading Unreal Engine to produce high-quality photorealistic images, power the Virtual Studios.

Virtual Studio’s cutting-edge technology gives production firms more flexibility, allowing them to swiftly alter sets, deploy new scenes and looks, or share studio space with other businesses without having to wait for set building. Each of these advantages cuts down on production time and costs, decreases negative environmental effect, and frees up creators to focus on generating interesting and original content that captivates their audience.

Virtual Production, which complements the real Virtual Studios facility, enables organisations to construct flexible production teams capable of doing a range of jobs remotely while the performer, news anchor, or event presenter is on set. Interstellar, Ross Video’s cloud-based remote contribution system, provides this functionality.

Twofour54 will round out the Virtual Solutions by offering a comprehensive variety of Extended Reality (XR) services, a new on-premise production trend that combines real and virtual environments and interactions to decrease production costs. Twofour54’s XR services, which are available for live or pre-recorded material, utilise big size LED screens that operate as a direct substitute for classic green screens.

“With a full suite of world-class creative media firms operating in Abu Dhabi, the emirate has firmly established itself as a real capital for all types of content production,” Katrina Anderson, Director of Commercial Services at twofour54, stated.The enormous range of services and facilities supplied by twofour54, all of which aim to boost the ease of production and assist these enterprises in finding new and inventive ways to generate content and engage their audience, is a key driver of their success. Virtual Studios intends to do this by delivering flexible, technology-driven solutions that can save up to 80% on production costs, and we are thrilled to be the first to introduce this service to the area through an end-to-end relationship with Ross Video and Rocket Surgery.”

“Following the opening of twofour54’s new home at Yas Creative Hub, we will continue to deliver the best facilities and services to Abu Dhabi’s creative industries ecosystem,” she said. We will continue to progress the media industry in the next months and years as a key driver of the emirate’s economic development.”

The cooperation excites Jim Doyle, Director of Rocket Surgery Creative Services. “We’re thrilled to be able to provide twofour54 our award-winning Rocket Surgery Creative & Professional Services.” We’ve been focusing on increasing our worldwide reach since 2020, and this fantastic relationship is proof of that.

Twofour54’s innovative virtual solutions will be the first of their type in the region, thanks to a mix of high-quality creative services and cutting-edge technology.”

Rocket Surgery, the creative arm of Ross Video, will be on hand to give design and creative services to production firms wishing to take use of the new virtual studios. Client design consultations, innovative project management, and a variety of graphics packages are among the services offered.

Twofour54’s dedication to providing the creative industries with all of the tools they need to flourish is reflected in the debut of Virtual Studios. Twofour54’s existing facilities include an AED 800 million Studio City, a 300,000 sqm backlot with 219,000 sqm of land for production companies to build their own sets, 81,000 sqm of standing sets, a variety of studios, an experienced production, creative, and technical crew, and multiple post-production houses to choose from.

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