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HIVE artspace in downtown York hosts virtual exhibit to raise money Ukraine

YORK, Pa. — HIVE artspace in Downtown York is hosting a virtual exhibit to raise money for Ukraine, after many local artists showed an interest in helping the war-torn country.

It’s an initiative that stemmed from local artists watching the situation unfold in the eastern European country and feeling helpless.

“I think that they had been struggling with the situation in Ukraine and the fears and the empathy that goes with that for the Ukrainian people and fears about what might happen next,” Susan Scofield, owner of HIVE artspace said.

The artists decided to use their talents for a good cause: they came up with the idea to do an online exhibit.

“A lot of the artists express themselves through their art, and have created artworks that might be directly related or inspired by the situation in Ukraine, or they just made other pieces of artwork that they wanted to do something with,” Scofield said.

As of now, 22 artists are participating in this virtual exhibit and people will be able to see their artwork through Facebook.

“It’s a simple Facebook photo album,” Scofield said. “If people are interested in the artwork, they can email and it’s a very simple process, and then those funds would go to various organizations that are helping the situation in Ukraine.”

The event will be ongoing.

“As long as the artists want to donate art, as long as the situation in Ukraine continues and they need assistance, we will keep doing this virtual exhibit,” Scofield concluded.

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