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Opsgility Launches OneVenue, a New Virtual Event Platform to Facilitate Onscreen and Hybrid Events!

HIGHLAND VILLAGE, Texas – Opsgility launches OneVenue to help organizations bolster their core engagement strategy with onscreen and hybrid events. OneVenue, previously known as Virtual Conference Manager, is a web-based event platform designed to simplify the planning, creation, and delivery of virtual experiences.

Create multi-day, multi-track events in minutes with OneVenue’s intuitive self-service platform. OneVenue’s turnkey service gives event professionals the tools to organize large-scale virtual events without complex hardware or software purchases.

Add professional services for a premium end-to-end experience. A dedicated event producer team owns event design, speaker rehearsal, and live event production. In addition, elevate keynote and panel broadcasts with custom stream configuration using industry-leading advanced production techniques.

OneVenue offers a range of features to drive global audience engagement and assist organizers.

  • Speed Networking – Foster meaningful connections between attendees.
  • Break Out Sessions – Divide attendees into small groups for interactive workshops.
  • Sponsors Booths – Provide sponsors with a dedicated space to engage prospective customers.
  • Expo Hall – Promote up to 30 sponsors in a shared space.
  • Gamification – Incentivize attendee participation with rewards and a conference leaderboard.
  • Trivia – Challenge attendees with fun Q&A sessions.
  • Speaker Page – Highlight event speakers’ expertise and share social media details.
  • Swag Bag – Thank participants for attending the event with virtual gift bags.
  • Integrated Registration – Simplify registration with invite gated access and payment processing.
  • Integrated Communication – Automate in conference announcements via email.
  • Schedule Engine – Model custom events tailored to each attendee in minutes.
  • Reporting – Track ROI and make data-driven decisions with real-time event analytics.
  • Branding – Bring events to life with logos, images, and videos.
  • Multi-Time Zone Support – Run events around the clock to accommodate attendee schedules.
  • Content Tagging – Tag each session to deliver targeted content.

OneVenue is a product of Opsgility, LLC. Opsgility’s goal is to enable organizations to realize the full potential of the cloud through a comprehensive set of SaaS-based offerings.

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