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H&M Jumps Into Metaverse; Opens Its First Virtual Store

H&M, the world-famous clothing company founded in Sweden, has revealed that its virtual store in the metaverse would provide customers with a three-dimensional shopping environment.

Customers will be able to navigate through the store, select the goods they desire, and make a purchase in the CEEK City universe, a three-dimensional virtual reality that functions similarly to the actual world. While consumers will be able to pay for these clothes, which can only be worn in a digital environment, with CEEK currency, they will also be able to order them from H&M’s actual stores later. The apparel firm will be able to provide its consumers with a 3D buying experience in its virtual store thanks to its Metaverse virtual store.

H&M appears to have opened and pushed one of the many doors and windows that technology has opened. With this move, H&M became the first retail clothing store in the metaverse.

H&M is known for providing high-quality clothing at affordable costs that are also environmentally friendly. They’ve now reached yet another milestone by opening their first shop in the metaverse.

Customers will be able to stroll about the virtual store in the metaverse, look at the items, pick one they want, and purchase it in the world of CEEK city. CEEK city is a 3D digital world that is quite similar to our real-world environment. There is, yet, a catch.

These CEEK city-purchased clothing can only be worn in the digital world and not elsewhere. Artists, sportsmen, and other digital content providers may communicate directly with their audience in virtual worlds with CEEK, a metaverse currency initiative. People can actually own digital products through CEEK’s NFT marketplace, even if they have gone through multiple other digital reality settings in the metaverse.

It’s also based on Ethereum. CEEK City now offers a variety of immersive VR experiences, ranging from theatres and music halls to sports stadiums and bars. Purchases may be made with the CEEK tokens.

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