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College students from Mayenne were able to immerse themselves in foreign cultures thanks to virtual reality

What if the future of classroom travel was for Maine? Anyway, it looks like it is… The members of Laval Virtual and Canopé Educator Network went to 25 colleges in Maine to give students a virtual reality experience, the course they developed.

So what is virtual reality? With a helmet on the eyes, and a joystick in the hands, it allows the user to dive 100% in a virtual world. And when we turn our heads, our perspective changes, too.

Immerse yourself in the culture of Spain

At Mayenne, college students who have the opportunity to participate in the culture of another country are immersed in it. “It’s really cool, it’s my first time experiencing virtual reality”, Gallian, a student at Paul Emile Victor College in Château Gontier, was surprised. With her class, they were all able to test out this technology in their Spanish class, with their teacher Jessica Mistoflet “J.“I felt like I was in Spain”, she laughs. They meet in a virtual museum, with items reminiscent of Spanish culture.

25 colleges in Maine have been able to test this technology

In total, 25 colleges in Maine were able to test the experiment. The museum can be visited during English, Spanish, German, Italian and even Latin, for specific purposes for each country. The students stay there for ten minutes, which is the time to find out everything. Then they work in class on what they saw.

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