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A virtual showroom serving innovations and products in the maritime sector

The health crisis associated with Covid-19 has profoundly changed our professional interactions. Digital salons, remote meetings, business meetings by video conferencing … These practices are grounded in the long run, with the disruption of professional meetings and the emergence of telework. How to have a solution that can be used in person and remotely everywhere for everyone? Publish your own virtual showroom, a custom 3D exhibition space!

Show IT: Demo and display space

With more than 10 years of collaboration with players in the marine and industrial sector such as Naval Group, Ecole Nationale Supérieure Maritime or Orano (Nuclear), SBS Interactive develops virtual and augmented reality solutions. To meet the needs of its clients, who have had to deal with the closure of trade fairs and professional meetings, SBS Interactive has created the “Show IT” program: The formula for 3D virtual spaces on templates, documented and available in just a few clicks. This practical and innovative space makes it possible to combine all product documentation or company knowledge in one place, which the customer can edit with complete independence.

Navigate through your 3D showroom like a 360 degree virtual tour © SBS INTERACIVE

A virtual space that can be used physically or remotely

Have a demo room anywhere, anytime for your products, innovations, business or exhibitions… This high-end space has many advantages, dedicated to your business elements, rich in your content:

Documented and interactive:

Incorporate multimedia content into your panels: photos, audios, videos, excel files, powerpoint, pdf, Internet or external network links …

– Editable in complete independence :

No need to go through a service provider to add or edit content, it’s fast and efficient!

– easy to use :

You can access your showroom via a simple web browser. The back office is intuitive and easy to use: everything works by drag and drop to enhance your display panels.

Multiple support:

You can present your virtual showroom via the Internet link, on social networks, via PC or smartphone in a meeting, but also on a giant screen or touch panel at the trade fair …

Reduce costs:

The showroom can be extinguished on an unlimited number of customers. The experience can be installed at your various points of sale, in your company’s reception area, or on the deck of your sales representatives.

For any information:

Connect with Simone Dubois, Executive Director : – 06 83 87 3047

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