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This is the online museum that reviews the history of the phones of our life

Internet has brought us a wide list of day-to-day activities that we can do online. We work (rather, we telecommute, although some companies already insist on returning to their offices), we can study at many universities or take courses even free through the computer and from our living room, communicate with family and friends through various video calling platforms and we can even attend museums without leaving home.

There are Internet portals where you can visit museums around the world, we have Google to visit others that no longer exist, such as the National Museum in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, which suffered a terrible fire, and we also have online software exhibitions. Even a few weeks ago we echoed a very curious Vienna initiative: art galleries They show certain works on the OnlyFans portal to avoid the censorship of the moralistic social networks of the Meta empire on naked bodies.

And today We are going to describe another new online museum, especially for the most nostalgic technology lovers: the Mobile Phone Museum, which reviews the history of mobile phones and takes us to some models from the 80s and 90s that we will love to see again. Specifically, 2,000 models are presented. Being the iconic Nokia 3310, with its reputation for being insdestructible and resistant, the one that stars on the main page.

In the following lines we will tell you how this museum works and we will describe what you can find in it.

Virtual rooms of this museum

mobile phone museum

The Mobile Phone Museum project was conceived by Ben Wood in 2004. In 2019 he joined forces with Matt Chatterley, a mobile phone collector, and a year later they worked with a small team to create a non-profit organization. With this I know aims to safeguard this important collection of mobile technology heritage, according to the creators of this online museum.

The collection currently has more than 2,000 individual models from more than 200 different brands. In total there are more than 3,500 devices if duplicates are included. And indeed, this virtual museum is open to new donations: if you want to send them a mobile that is not in the collection, you can do so.

Within this online museum there are different sections that you can visit: the first mobiles in history, the best sellers, the ugliest in history, those that have appeared in movies, the most “fashion” or the luxurious phones that have passed through our mobile history.

If you want more information about a model, you just have to click on the image of the phone and you will have an explanation about its release date, the characteristics of its design and the technical aspects of the model. Videos are also included where, for example, the mobile has starred in a scene in a movie.

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