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The Right Mortgage hosts third virtual National Training Event

Founding directors Martin Wilson, Amanda Wilson, Adam Stretton and Tania Stretton hosted the second National Training Event of the year, through online platforms.

More than 450 members attended, and more than 50 lenders and provider partners took part throughout the day, which included a range of panels and discussions with more hosting virtual exhibitions.

The event featured Andy Hanselman, who shared his thoughts on “thinking in 3D” and being “dramatically and demonstrably different,” as well as discussing the rising expectations of clients and the need to fight harder to win business.

The network holds a number of other workshops and training events throughout the year; its next National Training Event will take place on Thursday 28 April.

Martin Wilson, chief executive at The Right Mortgage, said: “Although the world has been returning to a new concept of normality and many face-to-face events have started again, we chose to conduct our latest event virtually once again, given the successes of our previous events and the aim to reassure our members who may still have concerns surrounding the pandemic.

“And once again, we couldn’t be more pleased with this event!

“With hundreds in attendance and so many experts joining us to share their insights, we’ve provided a chance for members to explore further opportunities they could be missing in the industry.

“We are however very excited to return to physical events next year!”

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