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Top Virtual Event Ideas and Case Study

Virtual events have gained matchless significance in the last few years. As a consequence of the pandemic, many industries learned to get used to the digital world. However, this virtual shift has been remarkably useful for the events industry as hosting virtual events come with countless benefits. Several virtual event platforms have delivered the most innovative tools and features that have effectively ensured the success of your online event. Many virtual event case studies show and prove the efficacy of virtual events. 

However, it is important to note that it takes a lot to host a memorable online event. It’s time to bring in new and top ideas together while planning an event. To create a seamless simulation of an on-site event experience, it is significant to keep your attendees enticed and engaged in the event throughout. And to ensure this, you will have to incorporate various activities that can effectively enhance the value, reach, and efficacy of your online event. 

In this article, we are going to cover various virtual event ideas for companies, virtual social event ideas, and the top virtual event case study by Dreamcast as an example to help you comprehend the essence of virtual event platforms. Let us begin by understanding the meaning of virtual events to get the basics clear. 

What are Virtual Events?

Virtual events are basically the future of the events industry. It brings your physical events to life with countless added benefits and advantages. A virtual event is everything like an on-site event, except the fact that it takes place over a virtual venue instead of a physical one. Also, the biggest benefit of hosting virtual events is, you can efficiently maximize your reach and present your event to a global audience. With the help of an efficient virtual event platform, you can enhance the quality of your event with top-notch engagement and networking features & tools.

Let’s move ahead to explore some of the best virtual event ideas to ensure the success of your event:

Top Virtual Event Ideas

#1 Social Media Groups

Creating social media groups is an efficient way to create an event community with all your attendees. You can create these groups before the event so that you can also organize various ice-breaking activities. These activities can further stimulate interaction between your attendees during the event. Another excellent idea is to plan social media contests that can also help you maximize the reach of your online event.

#2 Virtual Game Shows

A virtual event platform is well-equipped with brilliant gamification tools that are capable of enhancing your online event. It is vital to ensure attendee engagement at any event. It is so because if your attendees don’t have a positive virtual event experience, chances are you will not get a positive outcome too. Hence, organizing various online games at the event can work like a charm. Following are some of the top types of virtual event gamification ideas:

  • Virtual Scavenger Hunt
  • Virtual Escape Room
  • Tic Tac Toe
  • Car Rush
  • Leaderboard Challenges
  • Contests and Trivia
  • War of the Wizard

#3 Entertainment Session

Including an entertainment session in the event agenda can eliminate any possibility of a tedious experience for your virtual attendees. This entertainment session can be anything from a music or dance performance to a comedy zone or open-mic. 

#4 Interactive Opportunities

An advanced virtual event platform makes it possible for you to elevate the event experience at your online event to a great level. Dreamcast has over-time proved to be one of the best virtual events platforms for the range of features it provides. Following are some of the top interactive features and tools provided by Dreamcast:

  • Multi-format communication
  • Live Poll
  • Personal and Group Chats
  • Live Q&A sessions, contests, trivia
  • Live audio, video & text chat

#5 Virtual Engagement Zone

Virtual engagement zone is another excellent virtual event idea to make the best out of your online event. The engagement zone is also something that is provided by many virtual event services with many engaging features and tools. Following are some of the top tools present at a virtual engagement zone:

  • Photo Booth
  • Social Wall
  • Exhibit Booths
  • Signature Wall
  • Gaming Zone

#6 Valuable Sponsorships

Bringing valuable sponsors on board can maximize the value of your virtual event too. You can sponsor various aspects at your virtual event to enhance its success prospects. Following are some of the top sponsorship ideas for your virtual event:

  • Sponsored Swag Boxes
  • Sponsored Coffee Breaks
  • Sponsored Entertainment Sessions
  • Sponsored Games
  • Sponsored Meals

#7 Branded Swag Bags 

Sending swag bags to your attendees can be another effective way to magnify attendee engagement at your virtual event. Try to send out these branded swag bags to your virtual attendees before the event day. By adding the branding or sponsorship element to your online event, you can not add more value to the event but also enhance your reach. 

Let’s move ahead to explore Dreamcast’s one of the most brilliant virtual event case studies:

  • Virtual JLF 2021

Jaipur Literature Festival is the world’s biggest literature fest that attracts audiences from across the globe. Not just the big names of the literary world but also famous artists from around the world gather together to celebrate the beauty and eminence of arts. 

This year, the Jaipur Literature Festival was held on the virtual event platform of Dreamcast. The event was a 100% simulation of the physical venue where the event used to take place every year, the royal Diggi Palace. Not just the exact simulation but, the virtual venue also had an immersive 360-degree platform. The fest was perfectly well-equipped with various top-notch engagement, networking, and interactive tools. The virtual edition of the JLF witnessed a massive gathering with the most spectacular writers and eminent personalities, thinkers, politicians, poets, singers, actors, and many more exemplary artists. The virtual fest also included aspects like engagement zone, the arcade, exquisite exhibit booths, virtual reading room, press area, the darbar hall, etc.  

 Overall, the event was a great success and the attendees had a memorable virtual event experience, as mentioned in the collected valuable feedback.

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