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Canon Announces Its First VR Production System In India; Will Be Available By December

The Japanese multinational company Canon has launched the EOS VR system for the Indian market. The EOS VR system is basically a virtual reality video production device that uses a special lens and dedicated software to capture VR videos on a Canon EOS 55 mirrorless camera. The software can then convert these videos into standard VR file format, helping the user in production. It will be available for buyers in India by the end of this year and will be priced at Rs.1,79,995.

In a public statement, Canon says that “With the increasing market demand for VR, Canon is leveraging its optical technologies nurtured through the development and production of the EOS interchangeable lens camera system, to establish a new VR video production system that realises high-quality images alongside an efficient production workflow.”

How does the Canon VR production kit work?

The camera comes with a dual Fisheye Lens which captures two separate images layers and then overlays them creating a parallax effect which is then used to create the virtual illusion of shadow, giving depth to objects and hence create a three dimensional 180-degree VR footage. As mentioned on the official website of Canon, the RF5.2mm f/2.8L dual Fisheye Lens helps users to harness the camera’s 8K recording capabilities to produce ultra-high-definition video with an immersive feel. It has a luxury lens by Canon which provides the highest quality of image and video.

Both the lenses on the dual Fisheye lens act as two separate eyes of the VR production system. Then the image captured by both the lenses is captured on a CMOS image sensor, removing the need for traditional parts of the VR production process like aligning and syncing the positions of multiple cameras. Additionally, the VR production kit does not require a user to manually stitch two layers of images on one another to create a three-dimensional effect. Canon will also launch a plugin for Adobe Premiere Pro for helping users edit their footage. The camera targets new users who wish to enter into VR production industry and will help them learn the basics and create 3D footage.

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