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Check out Thrill City, Hyderabad’s firsti virtual reality amusement park

Hyderabad has many water and amusement parks, but here is a brand new hangout that is a melange of fun, thrill, and larger-than-life experiences backed by cutting-edge technology. Thrill City, near Sanjeeviah Park, is the first virtual reality amusement park in the city spread across two acres with over 50 games for all age groups. Offering a wholesome gaming experience, using simulators, the park is drawing large crowds ever since it was inaugurated in September.

What’s jaw-dropping about Thrill City is the fly flight simulator that uses a Cessna 172 aircraft. The aircraft is usually used to train pilots for their Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL). This is probably the first time that a Cessna 172 has been made available to the general public. Aditya Bhandari, a trainee pilot who guides visitors on how to use stimulators, says: “It is the first time in India that an amusement park has set up a Cessna 172 for people to have a fly flight experience. My co-trainee and I work in shifts to guide people on how to use it.”

Said to be a ‘futuristic amusement park’, Thrill City has many other attractions such as arcade games, a motion theatre, a Splash water ride, VR games, and a food court. An original Skoda is set up in the arcade, in which one can experience six different motions. Similarly, there’s a bike that offers a biking experience. “You might find VR and arcade gaming centers in the city, but not at this price. My favorite is the fly flight simulator; it is a completely new experience,” says Sandeep Reddy, one of the managers. park

A little further down, there’s Splash Coaster — a water ride wherein people sit in a train that chugs through the water. There’s also a VR Rollercoaster for those who are afraid of the real stuff. Don’t forget the Monster Theatre where horror, thriller, and adventure movies are screened with 3D visual and motion effects.

“I have worked abroad for many years and wanted to bring this technology to Hyderabad. This place has a lot of things that can keep you engaged. We manufactured most of the games and simulators. The best of all is the Monster Theatre. It is the world’s largest 4DX motion theatre manufactured and set up by us. It can accommodate 104 people on a single platform, where they can feel literally feel the movie. It’s a huge thing for us and I’m glad it has been successful,” says B Abraham, the technical director at Thrill City, who has 35 years of experience. There’s also a dome theatre that offers 360-degree visuals. For sports lovers, the park has a sports bar and grill, Free Kick. There’s an indoor badminton court and cricket pitch too. The gym and temperature-controlled swimming pool are other amenities one should check out.

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