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Social27 Announces Self Streaming Tool to Empower Virtual and Hybrid Event Speakers

Redmond, WA, September 27, 2021 –(– Social27 officially launches Social27 Stream to enable virtual and hybrid event speakers and moderators to go live without the intervention of a Production Team. Social27 Stream gives speakers back-end access so they and their moderator(s) can join a behind-the-scenes backstage experience prior to their session and go live with the click of a button.

“Years of hands-on experience and feedback straight from speakers and customers has given us the ability to incorporate everything speakers and moderators need to run a successful session,” said Ranbeer Gil, Head of Production at Social27. “The backstage experience allows speakers and moderators to coordinate in preparation of going live as well as test their lighting, framing, and other production aspects for the best quality session.”

Social27 Stream gives speakers and moderators full control of their sessions from preparation and going live to in-session interactive features and sharing the finished session on-demand.

Prominent features include:
– Backstage Area (moderators join backstage and in-session without being on video)
– Stage Chat and Backstage Chat (to keep public and behind-the-scenes conversations separate)
– Moderated Q&A (moderators can manage questions asked by session attendees)
– Attendees can request to join the virtual session (speaker/moderator approves or denies)
– In-Session Polling (moderators/speakers can launch polls to gauge attendee sentiment and gather opinions)

“The ability for moderators to join speakers backstage while managing attendee interactions and answering questions enables them to communicate with speakers without disrupting the session. This empowers speakers to directly engage with and respond to attendees in real-time, lifting the burden of managing technical aspects during their presentation.” – Ranbeer Gil, Head of Production at Social27

About Social27
Social27 Virtual Event Platform empowers organizations of all kinds to deliver impactful virtual and hybrid events. Since its founding in 2013, Social27 has created a virtual event platform with the most robust in-platform networking, powerful lead generation for sponsors, and comprehensive content delivery all with account, contact and content-level insights that drive business acceleration.

Ranbeer Gill


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