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Vegan Innovation: An upcoming virtual event will highlight plant-based innovations in food, fashion

The annual Vegan India Conference will take place virtually from July 24 to 27 and feature panels and talks by Maneka Gandhi, Moby, Alex Lockwood, Anushka Manchanda, and more

In a world where public health has taken centre stage, emphasising on a safer and more sustainable food system has garnered importance. Veganism has been gaining traction in the past few years and has led to an increasing number of people embracing the lifestyle across the globe. The steady shift in consumption patterns has made it clear that the plant-based lifestyle isn’t a passing trend and is here to stay.

Organised by Mohanji Foundation and Vegan First in collaboration with World Vegan Organisation, Vegan India Conference is aimed at encouraging Indian consumers to rethink food, fashion, and technology through a plant-based lens. A lineup of global personalities and advocates of plant-based lifestyle, including Maneka Gandhi, Moby, Dotsie Bausch, Alex Lockwood, Keegan Kuhn, and Kuntal Joisher, will speak on themes important to India and global markets.

The concept of doing no-harm is embedded in Indian culture according to humanitarian and philanthropist Mohanji, “This culture should spread everywhere just for the sake of a sustained existence. The same energy runs through all beings, and we must accept it, appreciate it, and respect it”. Director of Vegan India Conference and founder of Vegan First – India’s first plant-based digital publication, Palak Mehta shared her vision behind the event, “It is my deepest wish to see veganism in India grow. It is very close to our Indian roots and we simply have to revive our value of ahimsa and compassion.”

The four days of the conference will be dedicated to various topics. On the first day, participants can deep dive into the medical benefits of a vegan diet – how plant-based nutrition can help in treating diabetes, controlling hormone disorder, weight loss, and addressing heart problems. The next two days will focus on expert insights on the future of alternative proteins, consumer trends, and food forests in India alongside the future of sustainable fashion and material innovation landscape. While the last day will give an opportunity to enthusiasts to learn a variety of recipes from a beginners guide to veganism to mastering the art of cooking Indian vegan sweets, and even tempeh.

Previous editions have seen participation from over 15 countries and featured discussions on a range of plant-themed interests. This year too, the conference aims at bringing together entrepreneurs, experts, humanitarians, scientists, researchers, doctors, nutritionists, food technologists, alternative protein enthusiasts, and anyone interested in a plant-based lifestyle.

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