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Virtual event:California early math symposium-2021

About this event
This year’s Symposium will feature keynotes from:
• Dr. Megan Franke

Supporting the Mathematical Brilliance of Young People

• Dr. Brian L. Wright

Creating Identity Safe Learning Environments for Black Boys in the Early Grades

• Dr. Jo Boaler

Limitless Mind: Learn, Lead & Live without Barriers

Get ready for hands-on fun with the AIMS Center for Math and Science Education.
Materials to Have on Hand: dish soap, water, drinking straw, food coloring (just a small amount needed to color water, and could come from soy sauce, turmeric, ketchup packets, etc.), white index card or plain paper, 3 cups or smalls bowls, envelopes, pen/pencil, straight edge/ruler, and scissors.
Throughout the day please have on hand: paper, pen/pencil, and scissors.
There will be 12 breakout sessions including:
• Social/Emotional Skills = Successful Math Learners – Stuart J. Murphy

• Engaging Families in Early Math – Matilda Soria and Barbara Daniel

• At Home or School: Math and Science – Jon Dueck

• Do You Really Remember How To Count? – Brook Williams and Scott Neilson

• Who Are Our Community Helpers? Black Boys and Policing – Brian L. Wright

• The Language of STEM – Dave Scahill and Sandra B. Ampudia

•Watching M5 in Action: Five Core Early Math Teaching Practices – Osnat Zur and Sophie Savelkouls

• Tinkering and Distance Learning – The Exploratorium

• ALL in the Family: Infusing Math Experiences in the Daily Life of Infants and Toddlers – Tracy Johnson

• I’m Ready – Videos, Games, and Stories for Elementary School – Carolyn Pfister, Lisa Grant, and Naomi Reeley Materials: Paper and pencil/pen

• I’m Ready – Videos, Games, and Stories for Preschool – Heather McClellan-Brandusa and Dana McVey Materials: Twenty small objects for sorting

• STEAM Stories with Bricks – Aileen Rizo and Bev Ford Materials: Option 1: 6 (4×2) and 6 (2×2) DUPLOs or LEGOS Option 2: Blocks at least 6 cubes and 6 rectangular prism


Certificates of Participation will be available at the end of the symposium. **Attendance is required to receive a certificate**.

Optional Continuing Education Units will be available through Fresno Pacific University for a fee and with completed coursework. If you would like to earn these units, please sign-up here:

The Early Math Symposium is a professional development opportunity sponsored by the California Department of Education, the California State Board of Education, First Five California, the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing, WestEd, the Fresno County Superintendent of Schools, the AIMS Center for Math and Science, and the California Early Math Project.

Thank you to AIMS and First 5 California for funding this year’s Early Math Symposium.
Please note the symposium hours are 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. PACIFIC TIME

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